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About Us

Chase Computer Services, Inc. is a full-service web and software development company with more than thirty years of combined experience. Our goal is to provide outstanding technical solutions for every client. We appreciate the uniqueness of each project and work diligently to provide the custom solution needed. Whether it's a website, mobile app, web application, automation project, or other issues, we are here to help.

In 2005, Scott Chase founded Chase Computer Services, Inc. to serve local clients in a part-time capacity. With several years prior experience in Information Technology, Scott was able to grow the business beyond its original bounds of web development. Utilizing his expertise and skillset, he began to accept projects to automate manual processes, implement new technologies, transmit and/or receive data, and more. Since that time, CCS has grown into a thriving business with experienced staff who are eager to provide professional solutions for each clients' technical needs.

Chase Computer Services