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Scott Chase, President

All about me

I was born in the small town of Baldwyn, MS to loving Christian parents.  My father was a family physician in our small town and my mother was a registered nurse at his clinic.  I am the youngest of three siblings with one brother and one sister.

I'm blessed to have grown up with and continue to have a loving family.  At the early age of 9, I realized my need for a Savior and placed my faith in Jesus Christ.  This decision guided me through my school years and continues today.  

I was a pretty average, happy kid... playing with neighborhood friends, riding motorbikes on trails, swimming in friend's pools and the city pool, and the occasional waterskiing at the lake.  Then I discovered my interest in computers when I got my first computer -- a commodore 64.

I definitely was impacted by my parents. I watched as they modeled serving others in the community while in service to our Lord.  

I have also been influenced by deacons in our church where I've seen in action... "Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself." (see NKJV, Luke 10:25-27)

I don't think I can narrow it down to a favorite movie.  I do watch a lot of movies and have liked many over the years. 

I like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the best out of that series. Interestingly, I was blessed to be able to go to a technology conference hosted at The Grand Floridian.  After class one day the conference treated us by taking us to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show.  I had seen this show before with my family but this time all conference attendees were able to eat a meal on the set floor during the 2nd and 3rd act.  It is truly a different show when you're down on the floor with the action.

But I will have to say I like the Marvel films most of all with the Avenger set probably being my top of all the Marvel series.  If a Marvel movie shows up in my channel guide, it is likely I'll switch over and watch it again.

I got my first computer, a commodore 64, in the early 80's.  I would buy books with games written in BASIC.  I would spend quite a bit of time typing in these games, inevitably including some typos.  I would have to review the code to find the typing errors to get the games working.  Reviewing the code helped me learn the language as well as debugging skills.  Through repetition and working through various books, I was able to start learning the BASIC programming language.

I've always enjoyed the creative aspect of taking an idea and working through the process of making something useful.  This led me to the Computer Engineering program at Mississippi State University.  

After college, I took a job at a furniture manufacturer in Tupelo, MS, where I worked on a team that provided IT support and technology solutions to the office and plant.  I also developed solutions in MS Excel using VBA scripting and maintained an application written in VB6 for the sales force.

In 2004 I began researching web development and building websites using a Content Management System (CMS) called Mambo (later evolving into Joomla).  In 2005, I completed my first web project and immediately took on two more.  That was the beginning of Chase Computer Services.

I'm pretty fascinated about the Mars rover, Curiosity.  That robot has been operational since August 2012 and still going and it is at least 33 million miles away.  The planning that goes into these missions and the engineering is pretty amazing.  Today, with technology, we're doing more and more things remotely so I understand how it is possible but I guess it is the vast distance that really gets me to thinking.

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