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Eight Days of Hope Kiosk

Eight Days of Hope provides disaster relief in an 8-day time window from their National Headquarters in Tupelo, Mississippi and Buffalo, New York.   Eight Days of Hope partnered with Chase Computer Services to develop an interactive kiosk for visitors to their Tupelo and Buffalo locations.


Eight Days of Hope is a Christian, non-profit organization that is both evangelical and non-denominational. It exists to demonstrate the love and hope of Jesus Christ by serving those in need.

Their commitment to local communities is to work with local churches and organizations in meeting physical and spiritual needs.

Their commitment to donors is to use the resources they have given to the fullest potential for the greatest good among those in need.

Their commitment to volunteers is to provide them an opportunity to use their skills and talents to the Glory of God.


The Opportunity

Eight Days of Hope came to Chase Computer Services because they wanted something in their lobbies that would captivate visitors. They liked the idea of sharing information about event and organization history, organization values, videos, and more with their guests. The website needed to be accessible and provide an inviting, professional interface for any users. Lastly, the solution needed to promote visitor engagement and interactivity at each location. With the criteria in hand, CCS immediately started brainstorming ideas for Eight Days of Hope.


The Solution

The best solution for this particular organization was a lobby kiosk. It included a large touch screen 43" LCD monitor with an Andriod OS and Wifi and Bluetooth abilities. It would allow everything that Eight Days of Hope asked for — the sharing of information, website accessibility, promotion of visitor engagement, and encouragement of interactivity. CCS would configure and install the Tupelo kiosk and provide remote assistance for the installation of the other unit.


Business Benefits

Eight Days of Hope's lobby kiosk helped them engage with guests in a brand new way. The kiosk provided a platform the visitors could interact with to learn more about everything the organization does. By using the kiosk, users are better informed about how supporting the organization can help their local community. Furthermore, the relaying of trustworthy information provides the organization with a way to develop brand loyalty and trust



Eight Days of Hope logo


Eight Days of Hope
Tupelo, MS



Non-profit, Disaster Relief



  • Needed Professional Design
  • Needed Ability to update content



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