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A kiosk can be developed for various uses inside your business.  Kiosks can show static images, play full-motion video, or provide fully interactive information to your customer.  CCS typically develops kiosks using a CMS to allow your business the ability to update content as needed.  Kiosks can present applications, display promotional content, or gather information from your customers.


Kiosks for Your Lobby

A kiosk in your lobby or waiting area can give a great first impression to guests.  You can inform your guests about company history, staff biographies, and product or service information.   You can display your office floorplan or just directions to the nearest bathroom.  A staff listing and office location could help guide your visitors from the lobby to their contact's office.  Imagine a click-to-notify feature that would alert your staff member that their appointment has arrived and is waiting for them in the lobby — wouldn't that be cool?

There are many possibilities to use interactive kiosks in your lobby.  How will you use yours?


I want a Kiosk for my Lobby


Kiosks for Your Retail Space

Kiosks may be interactive or they may be display-only.  You can display your creative promotional graphics and professionally produced videos near your products right inside your retail space.  This gives you the ability to explain the benefits, show a demonstration, or give testimonials about your product or service.  For a non-interactive kiosk, this information can be displayed on any HD TV of your choosing.

As long as your kiosk can be connected to your internet, you can have smart slides included in your presentation.  A smart slide can display information such as current local weather.  Other smart slides can be developed to pull data from internet-connected systems. We can even develop a database to hold your smart information, like production or sales details. 

I want a Kiosk for my Retail Space


Kiosks as a Database Interface

Our interactive kiosks are a great tool to use as an interface to a custom-developed database.  Since our kiosks are web and touch-screen enabled, your guests can scroll, click, and lookup data.  We can also capture information from the user to store in the database if desired.  The interactive, pedestal-style kiosks are Android-based, so it can be locked down to where your guests can only go to the locations you allow and cannot browse around the web.

Database driven kiosks may also be used as dashboards for your key performance indicators (KPIs).  If you need to display such information as call center activity, sales activity, or production activity then our non-interactive kiosk would prove to be a good solution.

Read a Case Study    I want a Kiosk for my Database


Kiosks for Data Collection

Staying connected with your customers helps to spread your message, so many hospitality businesses, museums, and attractions display a guest registration book in their lobby.  An interactive kiosk can serve as a modern version of the time-honored guest registration book.  With the paper version of the book, a staff member would have to type the data from the book into a database system like a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).  With an interactive kiosk, the registration system would record the guest directly into the database.

A few of the other uses for data collection:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Surveys
  • Newsletter Registration
  • Product Orders
  • Product Feedback 

  I want a Kiosk to collect data


Overall, kiosks would be a great asset to any business that is looking to present front-end to database-driven applications, display product or service promotional content, or gather information from your customers through surveys or guest-book registrations.