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Content Platforms

Websites can be built using many different techniques. Some of these techniques include pages built with highly unique design, pages built with static HTML, and pages built with content management systems (CMS).  The CMS route gives content creators for a business or an organization the ability to maintain a site without having to know web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Which platform is right for your website?

There are many CMS platforms one could choose to use to publish their website.  How do you know which one is best for you?  

Here are the top 5 CMS platforms according to

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First, consider your content management strategy.  Are you going to maintain the content in-house or have an outside web team manage the content for you? 

If you're going to manage it in-house, you need to select a platform that is easy for your team to use.  If your plan is to have a web team manage the content, you should choose the one in which they have the most experience.

Second, consider the features you want on your site.  Some features are pretty common to most CMS systems while others may not be.  Will you need additional features that are available through plugins or custom development?

Here at Chase Computer Services, we offer our clients two CMS platform options — WordPress or Umbraco.   



Wordpress is a CMS written in the PHP language and boasts 27+ million installed sites.  Wordpress was created in 2003 and is the most common CMS in-use today.  This growth gets the attention of developers so the plugins available to WordPress sites are in abundance.  However, this also gets the attention of attackers.  If you choose this platform, you should keep your WordPress site and all its plugins updated to keep hackers at bay.  To serve the marketplace, we now offer WordPress managed hosting and WordPress site maintenance.



Umbraco is called the friendliest CMS (see: Why Choose Umbraco). It is an open source .NET CMS and is the CCS web development content management solution of choice. Umbraco has been open source since 2005 and currently has over 500,000 installs. Written in C# and utilizing a SQL database, Umbraco runs on a Microsoft server. Its power and flexibility allows CCS to create custom web solutions with robust functionality. CCS employs Umbraco for both simple and complex web solutions. With full control over design, development, and content in Umbraco, CCS uses Razor views and the MVC framework to develop custom forms and applications. We can even integrate with payment processors and web services for complex processes.

The ability to create an Umbraco CMS is very beneficial to many clients who wish to manage their own content.  CCS offers Umbraco training, support, and instructions to ensure our clients are fully-equipped for content management. CCS is a Registered Umbraco Partner employing staff who are trained and efficient in Umbraco development.  CCS has built solutions using Umbraco since 2011.

* Written in PHP
* Created in 2003
* 27+ million installs

* Written for Microsoft .Net
* Open source since 2005
* 500,000+ installs

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