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Digital Marketing

Marketing is a broad industry that covers print (newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, billboards, direct mail, etc), radio and TV (ads and infomercials), telemarketing (direct calls), retail/merchandising (product displays and printed promotional), and digital (websites, kiosks, content, email, social media, pay-per-click, search engine).

In the print area we have created some brochures and direct mail postcard campaigns.  However, our marketing focus is on the digital sector.

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In the digital marketing sector, the website is the ultimate tool for marketing to customers and potential customers.  Marketing is educating and serving the market to provide the information needed to qualify a sales opportunity.  The website can do this very well and be available 24/7. 

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A kiosk can be developed for various uses inside your business.  Kiosks can show static images, full-motion video, or provide fully interactive information to your customer.  CCS develops kiosks, when they can be internet-connected, using a CMS to allow your business the ability to update content as needed. 

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Content Management

Once your website is built in a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to update the content, then you have to fill it with content -- content that informs your user but also draws them in for more.  You know your business best but maybe you're not comfortable writing the copy for your pages or selecting images for the site.  With our Content Management service, we can work with you to get the information needed for the page and then write the copy and select the pictures and you get final approval before it goes live.





Email marketing has been effective for many years.  Some may say it is on its way out due to social media.  Stop for a moment and think way back to the time you last opened an email.  Was it today?  Was it within the hour?  Sorry... maybe I'm checking my email too often.  I don't think we're seeing the end of email marketing soon.  However, I can't make a universal statement for or against email marketing for your business.  To properly say if it would be effective for your business, we would have to examine your target customer base and whether or not email marketing is the best channel to reach your customers.


Social Media

Social Media

While I can't say social media marketing (SMM) is new, it is one of the newer kids on the block in this list.   There are a lot of players in this space.  Remember MySpace -- it was founded in 2003 and still going... really!  However, Facebook is the obvious starting point.  Your business can have a Facebook page for the low price of -- free.  Many people have a love-hate (or even a hate-hate) relationship with social media.  But marketing is meeting people where they are.  With nearly 2.4 billion users, we can safely say people are on Facebook.  But what do you do once you have a page?  Contact Us and we can be an advisor or take some of the burden off of your shoulders and help manage your page.


Pay Per Click


Pay-per-click (aka PPC) is the correct term but it is basically ads.  You can have PPC ads on various channels such as social media channels or search engines.  You can boost ads with Facebook or set PPC ad budgets with Google.  The gist is that each ad placed has a monetary value when the user clicks your ad.  Typically this is a bid process where you agree to pay $xx.xx to the vendor (Facebook, Google, etc) for each time a user clicks the ad.  Once you reach your daily budget, your ad ceases to show for that day and resumes the next if you still have money in your budget.  Give us a call and we can explain it more and help you formulate a PPC campaign to get more traffic to your marketing channel.


Search Engine

Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes PPC ads, SMM (because don't we want our business social posts to be found?), and the one I highlight here as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  While PPC involves paying to gain a top position for your ad targeting specific keywords, SEO has a goal to give you top "organic" ranking spots.  An "organic" spot is one that you did not pay a fee but one that the Search Engine awarded your link.  The Search Engines calculate a Page Rank for certain keywords based on the content of your page and many other factors.  We can have a consultation meeting with you to discuss how CCS can help you rank higher through PPC or "organically" through SEO.