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Web Development

As developers, we are up-to-date on the current web development trends, and we specialize in application and service development projects which increase productivity and efficiency for businesses. Automating repetitive functions can save a company time and money, as well as eliminate human error. CCS has experience in developing and maintaining a variety of applications, some of which include tracking inventory, performing financial operations, generating payroll, automating manufacturing processes, managing employee schedules, and providing custom reporting. We can develop web or Windows applications to meet your specific business needs. We also can create a beautiful website that will draw in customers and get your brand awareness.

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Web Design

What makes a good website?  We pride ourselves on the eye-catching, professional websites we design and develop for our clients. If you don't have a website, you are hurting your business. Establishing a web presence is imperative to your business or organization, and can make a huge difference in reaching customers. Accessibility plays a huge role in success.  Create brand awareness with a website that makes you proud, and ask us for more information regarding web design!

About Our Web Design


Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS is a software system that allows a user to easily publish content to their website.  There are many options but Chase Computer Services offers two choices to their customers.

About our Content Platforms



What is full stack web development?  It is the ability to work on front-end and back-end aspects of a website or application.  Using a variety of technologies if necessary, CCS can develop the appropriate software application to meet your specific business needs. Out-of-the-box applications are designed to perform for a variety of businesses, so they may provide great functionality in some areas while lacking in others. With a custom application, you can get exactly what you need based on your specific process requirements and business rules. Automating manual processes, integrating with other software applications, managing information, and creating reports are just a few of the tasks that CCS has undertaken in the development of custom applications. 

Embracing the ASP.NET MVC framework, CCS can develop efficient solutions for complex processes. For most applications, CCS follows a development lifecycle that includes six steps: analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. This development cycle has proven to be most effective for clearly identifying and providing deliverables in a specified time frame at a determined cost.



Windows and web services can be developed by CCS to perform numerous operations for your business. From real-time monitoring to receiving third-party data, the possibilities and benefits of service applications are endless. A service is simply a reusable application with a specific function that is consistently available for use via Windows or the web. CCS frequently develops web services for clients who need to interact with financial institutions, suppliers, vendors, and others. Using web api's and rss feeds, CCS can develop services that communicate effectively and reliably. Rss feeds generally contain public information such as news, weather, events, etc. while web api's may transmit sensitive information. 

To secure data transmitted via web api's, unique api keys are generated by the api provider and used in the web service for all transactions. In cases where the web is unreliable or the software applications are completely independent of the web, a Windows service can be developed to facilitate communications. The service is typically installed on a computer and scheduled to run in the background to execute functions when triggered. Developing the right services can help streamline your processes and save time and money for your business or organization.



With the rapid increase in online sales, it has become economically advantageous for many businesses to maintain a professional ecommerce website. The convenience and availability of products online places your business at the fingertips of customers for a virtual shopping experience. This eliminates the boundaries of distance and time which allows more customers to view and purchase your products or services. CCS can create a customized storefront for your business and seamlessly integrate it into your website. For small or entry-level stores, CCS typically implements Ecwid, a flexible, feature-rich online store with minimal fees. 

For medium to large stores that require robust functionality, we utilize nopCommerce, an open source e-commerce solution developed in ASP.NET with a MS SQL database. nopCommerce provides vast capabilities for product management, shipping and tax configurations, payment processing, and much more. Both Ecwid and nopCommerce are mobile friendly solutions and highly recommended by CCS. Upon developing the right e-commerce solution for your business, CCS can provide support and training services to ensure your store's success.



Repetitive business processes often consume more time and money than realized. Seemingly minor automations can improve your bottom line and relieve your staff for more effective tasks. CCS has experience in examining business processes, developing automation plans, and implementing outstanding solutions. Business tasks that are performed daily, weekly, or monthly, such as importing/exporting data, performing calculations, creating spreadsheets, and developing reports, can be automated to accommodate your specific business rules and procedures. Such automations often improve accuracy by ensuring each process step is taken and each calculation is made consistently, thus eliminating human error. 

Large automation projects can also provide large returns on investment in production environments where computerized machinery can be configured for greater efficiencies based on process evaluations and optimal adjustments. An automation project must begin with a consultation meeting to discuss your business needs and areas of concern. CCS would then evaluate the business processes within the areas of concern and provide recommendations and strategies for automation or an appropriate solution.


Web Hosting

Every publicly accessible web application must run on a server somewhere and be connected to the Internet by some means. Some companies choose to operate their own web server. However, they are then faced with the challenges of maintaining that web server and keeping it available 24/7 to their customers or prospective customers. Many companies are discovering that Hosting their websites and web applications with Chase Computer Services, Inc. takes a huge burden off of their already overworked IT staff. We operate and maintain a growing number of servers to handle the needs of our clients to keep their web applications highly available for their customers, and it would be a great choice to take advantage of these top-notch website hosting services.

Contact us today to discuss moving your web application into our secured hosting environment. Chase Computer Services maintains all of its servers in a data center with multiple locations, each with a capacity for tens of thousands of servers. The data center is SSAE 16 compliant and maintains multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. They are built from industry-leading hardware and equipment, ensuring the highest level of performance, reliability, and interoperability.