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Great News: MailChimp Automation is Free!

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In case you have not heard, MailChimp Automation is now free!!  Not sure what automation is or how it is useful to your business?

Well, that’s what I am here to explain! If you are reading this blog about MailChimp, I assume that you are familiar with this email marketing platform.  If not click here to read an introductory post about this awesome service!!

After someone subscribes to your email list, you can send a series of emails that are set to go out at certain times or triggers.    What are some benefits of automation?

SAVE TIME with automation! If you know that on Christmas you want to send out a special email, why not get it done beforehand so you don’t forget! If it is done ahead, you save time in the long run and don’t miss out on opportunities to get more sales or clients.

Have you ever been online shopping and added items to your cart only to leave the website and forget all about what you were thinking about buying?  Then not long after you get an email saying something like “You left something in your cart! Would you like to continue?”    This is a wonderful marketing opportunity because sometimes we just simply get busy and forget.  This email could land you a purchase easily.

Abandoned cart series, first purchase, any product follow-up, category follow-up, product re-targeting, best customers, customer re-engagement, order notifications, and specific product follow-up are all e-commerce automation categories you can choose for your campaign. (You will need e-commerce integration for these features).


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