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SQL structured query language

Utilizing the Power of SQL for Data Management

The speed and efficiency of accessing data can make or break an application. If it takes too long to store, manipulate, or retrieve data, your users will abandon ship in search of a better solution. There’s no time to waste in today’s business environment, so your application must manage data quickly and efficiently. That’s where the power of SQL can be utilized.

Umbraco Logo

Why Umbraco is Our Choice in Content Management Systems

The content management system preferred by Chase Computer Services was determined in 2011 when we began using Umbraco. We quickly became Certified Umbraco Partners to extend our knowledge of the platform and utilize its vast capabilities.

image of computer and phone screens

How to Create an Effective Web Design for Your Business

Web design may be good or bad based on opinion, but the ultimate measure of web design is effectiveness. While content is king, the presentation of content can make or break its effectiveness. Just suppose a banker presented himself/herself as a clown. Would anyone stop to inquire about banking from this individual? Similarly, your audience will quickly determine your website’s ...

Mailchimp Logo

Ever Heard of MailChimp?

If you have never heard of MailChimp, let me give you some basics! MailChimp is an email marketing automation platform.  You can send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns all in one easy place!

Great News: MailChimp Automation is Free!

In case you have not heard, MailChimp Automation is now free!!  Not sure what automation is or how it is useful to your business?

Ransomware image

Ransomware: What You Need To Know!

What Is RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a type of malware that essentially holds your critical files for “ransom”. In the meantime, you frantically search for a way to pay the ransom or restore your files, if you were smart enough to have a back-up. There are various types of ransomware, but all of them work to prevent you from accessing the files you need. They can target individu ...