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Why Umbraco is Our Choice in Content Management Systems

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The content management system preferred by Chase Computer Services was determined in 2011 when we began using Umbraco. We quickly became Certified Umbraco Partners to extend our knowledge of the platform and utilize its vast capabilities. As an Open Source ASP.NET platform, we are able to build dynamic websites and web applications for our clients. Among CMS platforms, Umbraco is the distinctly flexible and extensible solution.


The Friendly CMS

As a company, Chase Computer Services strives to provide friendly service so we are thrilled to partner with “The Friendliest CMS in the World”. According to Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, Umbraco is the fastest-growing open-source ASP.NET based CMS with over 1,000 installs each day. Developers and designers are able to create clean content management interfaces for writers, editors, and publishers without the unnecessary clutter of unused options, fields, and features. With simple training, managing a website can be quick and easy for content creators. Training videos, documentation, and the Umbraco community are also available to provide friendly support when needed.


Flexible & Extensible For Any Size Project

Large, small, or somewhere in between, Umbraco is the right fit for any project. It’s flexible enough to manage multiple websites in one installation or a simple one-page site with minimal content. Built with C# and a SQL database, developers can integrate with third-party systems like e-commerce solutions, CRMs, legacy software, and more. Umbraco Apps and community packages provide feature-rich options for each project without intensive development time. The ability to customize features and build what we need makes Umbraco the flexible and extensible solution for CCS.

With free source code available for download, an Umbraco project can begin in an instant and grow to its limitless potential. The Umbraco backoffice provides an interface for developers to extend content trees, install templates, employ stylesheets and script files, install packages, and much more. Without even opening a .NET project to extend code, these powerful tasks can be performed in sections of the Umbraco backoffice.


Comprehensive Data Type Options With Property Editors

An Umbraco install includes a lengthy list of data type options like a date picker, dropdown list, richtext editor, checkbox list, media picker, image cropper, and so much more. Each data type references a predefined property editor. Its job is to accept and handle the data entered for that specific data type. Developers may create custom data types using these property editors to create unique options for each property if needed. Defining pre-values for properties and setting requirements for specific data prior to saving are features that help to prevent errors and/or missing content on a website. Custom property editors may also be created to perform uniquely for the purpose of the project.


Endless Possibilities

Consistent updates and new features from Umbraco ensure that the possibilities remain endless for Umbraco development. Some of the largest companies in the world like McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, and Microsoft chose Umbraco. It’s the right fit for any size business. Contact Chase Computer Services to begin your project today. The possibilities are truly endless!


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