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Brand Awareness on Social Media

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As I discussed in one of my previous blogs, Really, What is a Brand?, a brand is not just a logo or tagline. It is who the company is as a whole. It defines every move the business makes when presenting itself. Branding is extremely important and is one of the first things a new business needs to establish. 


After discovering the company’s brand, one must consider brand awareness. Brand awareness is exactly what it sounds like — making the target audience aware of the brand. Brand awareness can happen through a variety of ways, but my personal favorite is through social media. When your brand is active on social media, it is reminding the customer of your presence. Being active does not always mean paid advertising. Organic posts can be a great tool for brand awareness. Genuine organic posts can encourage engagement from potential and current customers. 


One brand that does this well is Chamberlain Coffee. Their main social media usage happens on Instagram, where their target audience is able to interact with the brand because they spend most of their time on this particular platform. Chamberlain Coffee organically posts almost every day about anything from discount codes to aesthetically pleasing photos of their coffee taken by their customers. They also utilize Instagram Stories to stay connected with their target audience. For example, one time they posted the a word search encouraging their followers to find all the words and share it using #chamberlaincoffee. By doing so, their followers who share the word search are also sharing the brand with their friends and family and encouraging them to visit the company’s Instagram. 


Not only are the users sharing the brand with others, but they are also engraving the brand into their own brain. By spending time finding the words that are associated with the brand, they are pushing Chamberlain Coffee to the forefront of their own thoughts. So, next time they are thinking about what coffee to drink, Chamberlain Coffee is the first and only option. 


Also, Chamberlain Coffee is spearheaded by a popular social media influencer, Emma Chamberlain. With such a prominent founder, influencer advertising is a given and is free. Once again, the brand is staying in front of the potential clientele constantly. The company does not stop there, though. They also invest in paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. With paid advertising, the company can track impressions and clicks which gives a fuller picture of the brand awareness advertising investment. 


Combining paid and organic advertising is important when it comes to brand awareness. Being able to engage with potential and current customers in different ways keeps interaction with the company up while staying at the top of their minds. Brand awareness takes time and patience, but it can pay off overtime more than quick leads. It is building a loyal relationship with the target audience while maintaining a prominent existence. Next time you think about skipping social media for your business, think again! And if you don’t know where to start, give us a call at 662-269-0525, and we will help you get started! 


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Caty Crawford

Caty Crawford

Caty is the marketing specialist at CCS.  She graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.  In the Fall of 2020, she plans to attend Purdue University's online program for her master's in communication with a concentration in integrated communication and advertising. 

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