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What is a Kiosk? — A Guide to Deciding Which Type of Kiosk is Best for Your Business

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Upon first hearing the word “kiosk,” many tend to picture the little cubicles in the middle of the mall with workers harassing you to try their life-changing product. To the person who imagines this, I must say, you are not wrong. However, the “make no eye contact and keep walking” avoidance is not necessary for every type of kiosk. Four other kinds of kiosks exist, and they can be a key player in your business’s success.


1. For Lobbies

A kiosk in your lobby is extremely versatile. It can be interactive or non-interactive. It can display company history, staff biographies, and product/service information. It can even show a map of your office — directing visitors to the nearest restrooms. Another possible asset is a click-to-notify feature. This particular feature would allow the guest to inform their contact about their arrival and that they are waiting in the lobby.

With the possibilities being endless, a kiosk in your lobby is a great way to provide efficient customer service.


2. For Retail Spaces

Kiosks in your retail space are also very versatile. With the option of an interactive or display-only kiosk, your needs can easily be filled. It can show off your promotional graphics and videos that explain the benefits of your product. It can display testimonials. It can even present smart slides which can include live weather reports or breaking news headlines. As long as the kiosk has access to the internet, smart slides can be developed to pull whatever information you want, such as sales and production details, to share with your customers or employees.

A Retail Space Kiosk is perfect for relaying information to both customers and employees.


3. For Database Interfacing

A kiosk as a database interface is a wonderful tool to display a database that is custom developed. The interactive kiosks are web-enabled with touch screens allowing guests to lookup data. Also, it is android-based, so locations can be locked preventing users from surfing all over the web. A non-interactive kiosk would be good for the displaying of information such as call center activities.

Database Driven Kiosks are amazing for showing your custom database and the information that goes into said database.


4. For Data Collection

Data Collection Kiosks are interactive and store information from users. Many businesses use traditional guest books. Physical books can easily involve the loss of information if the book is damaged or someone doesn’t key in the information correctly when transferring it from the page. The kiosk would have the user type in their own information then it will store said information into a database — no damage control or human error involved.

A data collecting kiosk is ideal for businesses that want to record information from guests in a simple and reliable way.

Overall, kiosks are a great way to interact with customers and employees alike. From lobbies to retail spaces to databases to data collection, the perfect kiosk is waiting to help your business be successful! Get started by contacting us today!


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Caty Crawford

Caty Crawford

Caty is the marketing specialist at CCS.  She graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.  In the Fall of 2020, she plans to attend Purdue University's online program for her master's in communication with a concentration in integrated communication and advertising. 

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