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Marketing in the Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for a marketer at least! If you are unsure where or when to start your brand awareness campaign, October-February is the time to begin. With all the holidays so close to each other, it provides businesses with ample opportunity to check in with customers using friendly organic posts and paid ads. (To read more on the differences of organic posts and paid ads, click here!)


The Timeline

Let’s first take a look at our timeline. October has Halloween. November has Thanksgiving and Black Friday. December has Christmas. January is the new year. Lastly, February brings us Valentine’s Day. Of course there are more holidays scattered throughout the year, but the aforementioned ones tend to be the biggest ones in terms of sales while also being back-to-back in terms of vicinity to each other. It allows you to stay on the front of your current and potential customers minds. Not to mention, it gives you a topic to center your idea on, so you aren’t fumbling for ideas during your brainstorming session.


Organic Posts

The holidays are fantastic opportunities for organic posts. If you don’t know what organic posts are, they are posts you put up on social media that you do not pay for. It is a wonderful way to interact with followers to ensure you are constantly staying in their mind. Wish your followers a Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, and a Loving Valentine’s Day to show you care. 

You could also update your socials with your holiday hours, so your customers do not end up frustrated trying to buy something and can’t follow through. By posting your hours, your current customers know what to expect when planning their next venture with you, and your potential customers know to try your products or services at a different time.

Don’t forget you can also offer holiday inspired sales. It is a great time to entice people to come in and shop with your business when they have a theme to go based off of. Many people love to festively decorate their homes for the different holidays whether it be Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. It is always fun to provide them with relevant items and incentives to buy your products or services.

Paid Ads

The holiday season isn’t just good for organic posts. It is also great for paid ads. Paid ads are best used to attract new customers. The ads allow room to assemble the basics of brand awareness with more of your target audience. 

Brand awareness is extremely important when it comes to building your business. There are many ways to build brand awareness and little drawback to doing so. It lets you have a presence in the thoughts of current and potential customers while motivating current customers to become brand loyalists. 

With that being said, ads during the holidays are great steps in brand awareness. Like with organic posts, it also helps in paid post brainstorming when writer’s block is setting in. (Did you realize yet that I am writing about the holidays in an organic post? haha!) 

Unlike with organic posts, I would not recommend paying for a social media ad that simply says “Merry Christmas”. It would be better to promote a call to action for the reader to complete. Visit our website, come to our store, etc. It would be even better if you could add a promotional code to users online or promote an in-person sale your business is conducting. Just don’t forget to put the day the sale starts and ends, so you don’t leave your customers confused. 


All in all, the holidays are so fun. October-February is a non-stop marketing frenzy that can help your business build brand awareness and increase sales.If you are still overwhelmed with all the marketing opportunities, that is completely okay! Just call Chase Computer Services at 662-269-0525 and we can help get you started.

So, go and plan out your holiday posts (or call us) and remember to just have a great holiday season! 


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Caty Crawford

Caty Crawford

Caty is the marketing specialist at CCS.  She graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.  In the Fall of 2020, she plans to attend Purdue University's online program for her master's in communication with a concentration in integrated communication and advertising. 

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